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December 2022

The Scenery Of My Life

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This is a space I love.  My best work happens here.  I meditate and do yoga in this space.  I see clients here.  It is a place of love and light and infinite potential. What you don’t see in this picture is shelves filled with… Read More »The Scenery Of My Life

News Things

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I’m working on writing my monthly newsletter today and tomorrow.  It’s pretty fun.  I’ve never even sent out a family Christmas card before, let alone a monthly newsletter. So, I’m new to this.  And the best part is, I can do it however I want!… Read More »News Things


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Introducing, my family!  Well, most of them.  Some have passed.  Some were sick.  One of my sisters lives in Idaho with her family.  We got to pass around a new baby this year.  His daddy died before he was born, but his wonderful Grandpa and… Read More »Family~

Thoughts On Gifts

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Today is Christmas! Typically, we, as Americans, love to spend the holiday giving and receiving gifts.  This tradition can run the gamut of fun and festive, to stressful and overwhelming.  More on that in a moment.  A Gift Out Of The Blue Many months ago,… Read More »Thoughts On Gifts

Christmas Adam

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When I went to Western Washington University for a year, I had a wonderful roommate.  Her name was Nicole.  I mostly called her Nicolai.  She was one of those very special people who moves through the world differently.  Very shiny.  She loved Monty Python.  She… Read More »Christmas Adam

Repeat The Sounding Joy

Christmas Music? The more Christmases I have under my belt, the more puzzled I am by much of the Christmas music.  Don’t misunderstand me, I love Christmas Music.  We have a rule in our house:  No Christmas Music until Thanksgiving Day.  Otherwise, we play it… Read More »Repeat The Sounding Joy

On Drawing Kangaroos

I get an email every day from a place called The Daily Atom.  I don’t remember ever signing up, but I get it and it’s my favorite thing in my inbox every day.  All it is, is a science fact of the day.  Today’s science… Read More »On Drawing Kangaroos

Snow Day

It’s snowing like crazy!  We don’t always get snowy winters here in the Pacific Northwest.  In fact, even when we do get snow, it’s usually incredibly short-lived.  Today, however, the North Wind is blowing up a storm of snow and our world is covered in… Read More »Snow Day

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