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A Voice Of Love


Today is Saturday.  Saturdays are wonderful around here because we get to switch gears from the weekday routines, to rest.  Sometimes our rest looks like being couch potatoes, watching shows.  And other times our rest looks more like being out and about in the world.  Renewing our sense of curiosity and wonder and connection.

Today is an out and about day.  We have some mothers to visit with and some Christmas shopping to do.  There will be driving and marveling out the windows on our forty-five minute drive from Anacortes to Bellingham.  I’m hoping we can find a playlist somewhere of 80’s Christmas music.  That would really make the adventure complete.

Generally, I’m not a shopper.  Mostly because too many options is an instant short circuit to my system.  However, if I have a short list, I can get the job done and feel good about it.

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, And The Horse

On my short list of Christmas gift recommendations is a lovely and poignant book called, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy.  One of my sisters gifted me this book a couple of years ago and I hadn’t read anything quite like it before.  I read a lot of books, so this is saying something.

This treasure of a book is illustrated with magical images that, in and of themselves, go to a deep place in my heart.  It is about four unlikely friends that find each other and travel on a journey of curiosity, honesty, and tenderness.  It is so tender. 

The book starts with the sweetest picture of the Boy holding the Mole.  “I’m so small.”  Said the Mole.  “Yes,” said the boy.  “but you make a huge difference.”

Best Friend Voice

You can see how gentle the dialogue is.  Reading this book is a lesson in finding your Best Friend Voice.  This is a voice I recommend to my clients who are accustomed to being very hard on themselves.  I ask them to think of the person who loves them most and then imagine the words that person would say to them in any given moment.  Words of tenderness, support, kindness, validation.  Finding your Best Friend Voice can be transformational.

This sweet offering of a book is transformational.

On the last page are the words, “The end.”  But they are crossed out and another grouping of words says, “look how far we’ve come.”  The ultimate voice of love.

I bought a case of these books and handed them out to people who would be moved by the voices of creatures speaking friendship and solidarity.  To the people I knew who could use a tender example of Best Friend Voice.  And yet there weren’t enough books in print at that time for all the people whose hearts could be cradled by the words: “Sometimes I worry you’ll all realise I’m ordinary,” said the Boy.  “Love doesn’t need you to be extraordinary,” said the Mole.

“So you know all about me?” asked the boy.  “Yes,” said the horse.  “And you still love me?”  “We love you all the more.”

If you feel small, or ordinary, if you want to be transformed by kind and gentle words, or even find your own Best Friend Voice, let’s be friends.~

2 thoughts on “A Voice Of Love”

  1. I have never heard of using your “Best friend voice”, but I absolutely understand everyone’s need for this. Including me. Thank you Taya. It was interesting for me to think about who my best friend was and to think what their words to me would be. Thank you Taya.

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