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About Taya~

My Practice

It is with great joy that I bring my training, intuition, and empathic sensitivity to my Reiki practice.  Working with people, animals, and groups to help facilitate their own innate healing abilities is a great honor to me.  It is a wonder to get to see my clients reconnect with themselves and foster connections with the life around them.  Each session is guided by the client’s desire to heal.  I am always amazed at the courage I see in people and excited to see how the love around them manifests and works during our sessions.  It is truly inspiring for me to be with people in this way.

Taya Gray Reiki Master

My Training

I have been practicing Reiki since January 2018 and teaching Reiki since November 2020.  I trained in Reiki with Masters in Washington State and I am a Registered Reiki Master and Teacher (RMT) with the International Association of Reiki Professionals.  I specialize in working with people of all ages who wish to utilize Reiki for general wellness and stress reduction as well as for specific tension or pain issues.

Prior to my experience in animal care, certified as a First Responder in the state of Minnesota, I was the head of First Aid at Shetek Baptist Camp in the Midwest for 17 summers. 

Wellness Setbacks

In 2019, one of my sons was diagnosed with Leukemia.   It was a tremendously challenging and frightening time for our family.  Thankfully he was able to achieve remission.  However, soon after, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation, I emerged from the journey weak, bald, and burned, and more ready than ever to engage a vocation in the healing arts.  I have first-hand experience using Reiki through my own and my son’s cancer journeys and can attest to its exceptional benefits.

Anxiety and Depression

In addition to physical setbacks, I also have an intimate experience with anxiety and depression. It is a journey I have walked not only on my own, but with my children and family members, and clients as well.  I know how important it is to foster the connections necessary to support and care for others as they are walking through dark and frightening parts of their own journeys.  I believe that physical and emotional wellness begins in our energetic fields and as an energy practitioner, specifically through Reiki, I have had great success helping people to release denser energies and blocks,  opening a path to relief and healing.

My Reiki Path

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