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An Experiment and a Bit of a Story

Hello Friends~  I’ve been having for-real writer’s block for the better part of this last year and it’s making me more than a little crazy – feeling insecure, stagnant, and irrelevant.  I’ve felt blocked in my flow which restricts my joy. I’m hesitant, tentative, small. Thankfully, I woke up this morning with a new little spark in me and am going to try something new.  My experiment is this:  Write something (anything) every day for the rest of November.  And then be brave, share it.  Today’s offering started strong.  Though the more real it got, the harder it was to write it.  Warning:  It’s unfinished.  I don’t know what happens next…  ….. and if you know what it’s like to be stuck, or scorched, or greening, let’s be friends.  Reach out, I always welcome your messages ~

Once upon a time . . .

Once upon a time, in a verdant land of abundance and magic, lived a complicated girl.  Even though there was beauty and bounty all around, she was fraught with fear and suspicion that something bad might be coming for her.  In fact, she was so convinced, that her thoughts alone could be said to be the very things that haunted her.

The Phoenix

In this land there was a great forest with tall trees.  In one of the tallest, surest trees there was a Phoenix nest.  Sometimes the great Phoenix would simply perch in her nest in her tree and sometimes she would leap out and soar, diving and rolling in ecstasy, flying her freedom magnificently.  Since this was a magical land, and it belonged to the girl, she was the Phoenix.  As the Phoenix, she had great, far sight over all that was happening in the realm.  Watching storms roll in from miles and miles away she would revel in the raw power and beauty of the elements.  Sometimes, a great fire would come rolling through the land, burning every living thing to the ground.  As the Phoenix, she too would go up in flames.  The desolation was a devastation, but in time, and very surely, greening would come, and the Phoenix would rise.  And it was always very beautiful.

A River

Flowing throughout this magical realm was a great river that held the powers of healing and communion.  Every creature great and small came down to the river to drink in harmony.  There was safety there, and peace and love too.  The girl loved the river.  Sometimes she would sit at the edge with her feet in the water and other times she floated along in it for days.  When the fires came, the great river became ash, like all the rest of the land.  Then the girl would sit in dust and grief, for these times were very sad.  But there was always the greening, and the waters would flow.  And it was very beautiful.

The Great Madrona Tree

Standing in an ancient glade, was a great Madrona Tree.  The tree was old with wisdom and young with life.  She grew as an elderly woman, weathered and worn.  But then, shedding her skin and delighting in her form, she grew young.  Season after season the Madrona sent her deep roots deep.  Balancing, nourishing, being nourished.   Reaching her arms to the sky exalting, expanding.  And the tree was the girl, and the girl was the tree.  And the fires would come, and the tree would scorch.   This was terrible to behold and agonizing for the tree and the girl.  Then the greening would come, and the tree would thrive on.  And somehow, it was still beautiful.

And so it was no wonder . . .

So it was no wonder that the girl was haunted with fear.  When the fires came, they left nothing behind.  Even though somehow the greening always followed the desolation, there was great uncertainty.  The uncertainty flowed like a poison in the girl’s veins. . . . . . .

And isn’t that just how it goes sometimes on the healing journey.  You have to start somewhere though you don’t know what comes next.  But one baby step leads to another, you gain a little momentum, and the story flows in all the ways it’s meant to.  Stay tuned~

2 thoughts on “An Experiment and a Bit of a Story”

  1. Gail

    Your writing is so lyrical. This reads as the beginning of a very beautiful story. Will you continue this story as you write each day in November or will you write of other things? I look forward to every day to read what comes from you next.

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