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Animals Can Benefit From Reiki

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As more highly evolved beings than humans, animals can benefit greatly from the gentle, intuitive energy of Reiki.  Animals respond to Reiki very individually. Unlike humans, who are generally willing to come and sit in a chair or lie down on a table, it takes some initial patience to intuit how the animal is going to be most comfortable.  A wiggly dog is still a dog that can benefit from Reiki! Even wild animals can receive Reiki from a safe and respectful distance.   

Animals are highly sensitive to energy

In sessions with animals, I like to be with them on their own terms in their own space. I am also able to perform remote sessions when that is necessary.  Sometimes an animal, especially a cat or a dog will be willing to curl up close to me for a session.  While other times, an animal may be more comfortable at a distance or even moving around.  It is important to establish trust with the animal before any energy work can take place.  I try to be in a very calm mindset when I approach a session with an animal.  If there is distraction or restlessness in me, it can be nearly impossible to establish a connection. This is because animals are highly sensitive to the energy in my field before we’ve even had a chance to connect.   If my energy is negative or too much, or chaotic in any way they will simply be unavailable.

A space of love and light

After I’ve asked permission to be with an animal, I establish an “all is well” space through a process of meditation. This is a space of high vibrational love and light. This isn’t a space where I am actively seeking to do something, such as give healing, but a space in which I release expectations and maintain a presence of calm and peace and joy. In this space I invite the animal to join me if they would like. I make sure they understand they may come and go as they wish. Contrary to instinct, when sharing a Reiki space with an animal, I don’t “beam” or send energy to them. I am simply maintaining a space of peace and light for them to join if they would like or need to. In this calm and peaceful space, the animal chooses to connect, and take whatever healing energy they need.  Animals are highly evolved, pure souls so it is imperative to respect their agency. They have incredible wisdom to orchestrate their own healing and in that way, are wonderful examples and teachers to us.

Sick and injured animals

Sometimes owners can have concerns for their animals’ comfort and well-being. I do work with animals that are sick and injured. Even in emergency situations, it is still my intent to create that calm space of light and love. In this space the animal can experience peace and connect to healing energy if they want to. In this way, I can support the animal as they decide whatever it is that they need for themselves.  Everything is possible here and many beautiful scenarios can occur.

Peace for Luna

            I had an opportunity to work with a sweet spaniel named Luna.  Luna had some serious anxiety issues, including separation anxiety, as well as some chronic pain.  She was willing to connect with me and even before our session at her home, we were able to connect via energy, as in a remote session.  Once we were together at her home, Luna was communicative with me and conveyed her energy and happiness with her people and her home..  I invited her to join me through meditation. At this point she came into the space with me and showed me her anxiety and pain.  She then drifted off to sleep. I watched as the Reiki energy moved throughout the systems in her body.  It was a wonderful and peaceful session.  Throughout that time, her people had been sitting with us supporting Luna in the meditation as well.   Sometime after the session, her person emailed me to explain that she had gone out to run errands (a situation that was very anxiety-inducing for Luna – she would sit by the door panting and stressed). When the woman had come back home, Luna was sleeping soundly in the spot in which she had curled up during our session earlier that day.  She was still very calm and at peace.

Wild animals

 I have also worked with animals, including wild animals, who prefer plenty of distance during a session. Essentially, I go about the session in the same way I would with an animal that wants to be in close contact. I ask permission to be with them. From my space of meditation where I am holding love and light, I invite them to come in and connect if they would like to. These animals might be moving all over the place while this is happening, sometimes, they may even hide.  Even as this is happening, I continue to hold a quiet, calm space to honor the animal and however they are willing to work.  Again, on their terms, in their space. 

The healer experiences healing

Whenever I have the opportunity to sit in a session with an animal, I always benefit so much! Animals have all kinds of things to teach us about healing and peace and love. In that meditation space where I get to meet with animals, I see them consistently use their wisdom to connect with energy that brings them healing. There is a great amount of wisdom and insight in that place of peace and calm. Even while the animals I am working with benefit greatly from the healing energy of Reiki, I am learning so much and healing too!

Please enjoy my podcast where I talk about Animal Reiki

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