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Introducing Taya Gray, Reiki Master at Roots Reiki

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Introducing Taya Gray, Reiki Master at Roots Reiki, Gray’s healing arts practice in a live interview with Jill Nicolini on 5/4/2021. Taya Gray works clients in both in-person and remote sessions.

Welcome to Roots Reiki

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Thank you for visiting Roots Reiki I invite you to interact, ask questions, or request an introductory session to see how Roots Reiki can benefit you. Roots Reiki is my healing practice where I work within the modality of Reiki, a Japanese healing technique that uses… Read More »Welcome to Roots Reiki

Listening To Pain

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As an energy healer, my experience is that everything in our bodies begins somewhere in our energetic fields.  There are subtle signs and whispers being translated to us at any given time. If we are unable to be mindful, or still and quiet, it’s often… Read More »Listening To Pain

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