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Breakfast With Jacob

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This morning I had a wonderful opportunity to get breakfast at the Calico Cupboard with my son, Jacob.  Our waitress was charming and engaging (see photo 🙂 ). We were ridiculously matchy in purple (also see photo 🙂 ) We feasted!  Lots of coffee.  A warmed caramel nut roll to start.  Followed by biscuits and gravy for him (his fav) and a vegetarian scramble add brussels sprouts for me.  There was toast and jam too, but I ended up bringing that home for later.  Actually, we brought half of everything home for later.

Jacob and I used to have a standing weekly lunch date.  It was a lovely time where we would get to chat and laugh.  Sometimes, we would just sit together, quietly.  Sometimes on our phones sharing funny memes.  And then cancer.  And then more cancer.

A lot of other life happened too and it’s rare for Jacob and me to connect like we used to.  But this morning, he had an oil change in town and needed a ride home.  So, we seized the opportunity.

Stepping Out Of My Routine

The time we spent at breakfast blew right through my morning routine.  For a moment there, I was stressed, and my chest started to get tight.  Then I thought back to a couple of days ago when a lovely quiet followed me all throughout my day.  It took me to the mid-afternoon to accept it for the gift that it was.

Today I’m not going to miss out.  So there are some things that I usually do that won’t get done today. I got to spend the morning with my boy, feasting, chatting, and connecting.  And these are the best moments in my life.

If you have a hard time switching gears or seizing opportunities when they come at inopportune times, or if you long to be present to your beautiful moments, let’s be friends~

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