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On Writing A Book

Taya Sanderson Kesslau is This is how far I got this morning when I sat down to make forward progress on the book I am wanting to publish this year.  Yes, I know it’s already July.  Yes, I am fragile and defensive.  I woke up… Read More »On Writing A Book

The Crows

We have a little family of crows in our backyard.  I say “our backyard”, but the house was vacant for nearly ten years before we moved in.  So, let’s be honest, it’s us taking up space in the crows’ yard.  We are having a tricky… Read More »The Crows

All Things New

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I have spent a good portion of my life in transitions.  In the process of stepping into all things new.  I always get really excited about the new adventures. I pick up my grateful mantra, “all things new!”, and then I jump onto the new… Read More »All Things New

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