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Podcast Notes

Baby Steps to Meditation

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Meditation helps us to achieve a space of mindfulness and presence where we can begin to experience peace. Everyone I know is experiencing stress.  The current state of our world is so fast paced and filled with overwhelming tragedies and traumas that most of us… Read More »Baby Steps to Meditation

Understanding Energetic Boundaries

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Understanding energetic boundaries can help us to be more at peace with ourselves and others. There is a saying that good fences make good neighbors.  Healthy boundaries that respect our own and others’ uniqueness, similarities, and differences contribute to our sense of well-being. It’s important… Read More »Understanding Energetic Boundaries

Bountiful Energy

The Chakra System

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Learning about chakras and their connections to sound and color was one of my favorite subjects during my Reiki training.  I love how the chakra system resonates with the frequencies of both color and sound to integrate our physical bodies and our energetic systems. An… Read More »The Chakra System

Doorway Between

Distance Healing with Reiki

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What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that can be administered in person or over a distance. Reiki is used to reduce stress and inflammation in the body through the use of universal life force energy. It helps to create a relaxation response… Read More »Distance Healing with Reiki

Aligned Stones

The Healing Energy of Reiki

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Learning to podcast is challenging My second live podcast proved to be quite challenging to me!  I know all sorts of things about Reiki but next to nothing about how to format that knowledge for my own podcasting show. I mistakingly assumed the direction and… Read More »The Healing Energy of Reiki

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