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Empower your spiritual journey

Learning Reiki is a powerful experience in becoming present to and aware of your personal conscious journey. It opens up a path to serving others and the world around you in well-being and love. One of the most exciting things about teaching Reiki is getting to witness and foster the unique connection between the student and the Reiki. The Reiki becomes available in a way that supports the simplicity as well as the depth of what exists in each student’s heart. The energy of Reiki comes to be a present force that aligns each student with their highest good and initiates a process of healing from within.

Find healing for yourself and learn to share it with others

There are two aspects to learning Reiki:  First, you are developing a relationship with yourself through the gentle presence of Reiki.  Reiki supports self-nurturing by helping us to break patterns that no longer serve us, healing old wounds, and correcting imbalances.  Secondly, you are gaining a knowledge of how to use Reiki out in the world for the benefit of all creatures and the Earth.  This may take the form of sharing Reiki with friends, family, and pets.  It may mean taking the knowledge you have learned and becoming a Reiki practitioner and/or teacher.  And since Reiki also compliments other healing modalities, you may offer it in conjunction with massage, therapy, or meditation. Or it may simply mean learning how to use Reiki to care for yourself as a Highly Sensitive person, Empath, or Intuitive.

Connect with your sacred space within

My role as a teacher is to give you information and basic instruction while supporting you as you learn to trust yourself in the sacred space within.  As your teacher, I can assist you in shifting into the higher vibrational energy realms with ease.  I am also very deliberate in tailoring each Reiki level class experience to your inner growth and journey, as well as honoring your desires to incorporate Reiki into your life, and profession if applicable.

Acquire skills to work with Universal Life Force Energy

There are three levels of Reiki study. With each new level, the amount of Reiki flowing through you will increase and you will learn additional skills to utilize that energy. Some students are content to just take Reiki I, while others move on to Reiki II, and Reiki III, which is the Master Level.

Reiki Levels

Reiki I

Work one on one with Taya
Learn Reiki fundamentals
Focus on Reiki I – Physical Level
Learn to use Reiki in everyday life

Reiki II

Work one on one with Taya
Focus on Reiki II – Mental and Emotional Levels
Learn to send Reiki without
limitations of time and space

Reiki III

Work one on one with Taya
Focus on Reiki III – Spiritual Level
Significant increase in flow of Reiki
Learn to pass Reiki on to others

Each Reiki Class Includes:

Reiki Session, Attunement, 2-3 Classes, Playwork Assignments, Check-ins, Reiki Manual, Reiki Level Certificate Upon Completion

Go deeper into your spiritual journey

Learn how to utilize Reiki energy for yourself and those around you.

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