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Out With The Old, In With The New

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Cleansing Negative Energies

Cleansing negative energies can be helpful and freeing. Opening up all the doors and windows to allow fresh air currents to swirl through your home creates a transfer of energies. Out with the old, in with the new! Sometimes the spaces we inhabit hold heavy, sticky energies. This can have a significant impact on us.  We become tired more easily, we may hold extra tension in our bodies. If the negative energy is in our home, we can even begin to have bad dreams and even notice more conflict in our relationships.

Amazing Sage

In addition to fresh air, you can also do an energetic spiritual cleanse by using a sage smudge.  A sage smudge stick is simply a little bundle of dried sage, wrapped with a string to hold it together.  You can purchase a little bundle of sage smudges on Amazon these days, for less than $10.   Locally speaking, health food stores, as well as juju and gem shops almost always carry sage smudges as well.

Sage is one of Mother Earth’s magical, wonderful gifts to us and has been used in spiritual rituals for thousands of years.  The ancient Romans and Egyptians burned sage to cleanse spiritual energies and heal memory problems.  The Native Americans have been burning sage for ages to promote healing and to gain spiritual wisdom.  Certain types of sage contain the chemical compound known as thujone, which is very mildly psychoactive and known to enhance intuition.  White sage in particular, is rich in compounds that activate certain receptors in our brains.  These receptors are responsible for elevating mood levels, reducing stress, and alleviating pain.  Sage really is a powerful tool to cleanse the physical as well as the energetic spaces in your home.

Sage Smudging Step By Step

Before you do a sage cleanse, it’s a good and important practice to take a moment and set your intentions. This is best done by having a mindful, present moment. Connect to your intuition and be open to where your heart and mind might lead you. When I am cleansing my home, I like to say the following:  “I release all that is negative in this space.  I release its power over me and my family.  I reclaim the power of our spirits and welcome healing, joy, and flow back into this home.”  As I’m moving throughout the house, I continue to repeat my intention.  Our spoken words are powerful and coupled with the burning sage, can create a dynamic cleansing experience.

Once your intentions are set, it’s good to open some windows for ventilation.  Then, with a lighter or a match light the smudge stick until it’s on fire. Gently blow the flame out and a thick smoke will swirl up.  You may have to relight it a few times.  You’ll want something on hand to catch the ash.  Then with one hand, direct the smoke away from you throughout all the spaces, corners, furniture, walls, doorways of your home.  Be thorough and follow your intuition, speaking your intentions as you move through the space.  When you’ve finished, be very careful to extinguish any embers that are still burning within the sage stick. Finally, give thanks to Mother Earth for providing the sage that will help usher in an environment to support your greatest good. 

Selenite Is Thorough And Easy To Use

Though burning sage is a wonderful way to perform a cleanse of your home, it might feel inappropriate or awkward to do so in your office or working environment.  Another thorough tool for cleansing is selenite.  Selenite is a transparent form of gypsum that crystallizes in long, blade-like shapes.  It is a very soft crystal that is easy to scratch and very sensitive to water.  When you’re cleansing selenite (which you will want to do before and after using it), it’s best to use a sage smudge, incense, or sunlight.  As a soft, clear crystal, selenite absorbs imbalances and negative energies rapidly.  Selenite is capable of removing stagnant and toxic energies. It is an easy to use tool for clearing the home and body of unwanted energies.

I like to use a selenite wand when I am performing a cleanse with selenite.  You can find selenite wands in gem shops and again, on Amazon.  Selenite can be purchased quite reasonably for under $10.

To perform a cleanse using a selenite wand, simply follow the same steps for performing a sage smudge.  Take a mindful pause and set your intention.  Since you may be in a more public space, you can speak your intentions in your mind throughout the cleanse.  Then move the selenite wand throughout the space you’re intending to cleanse, paying close attention to take more time over spots that feel like they need it more.  You can imagine the selenite as a magnet, drawing the negative energies in the space to itself.  Take your time, be thorough, and when you have finished, take a moment to offer gratitude to the crystal for helping you create a more positive environment for yourself.

Reclaim The Power Of Your Spirit

It is also possible to perform a cleanse on your own physical body and immediate space.  This is a good practice when you are noticing other energies in your space that feel negative or intrusive. Sometimes we can feel like we’re attracting negative energies, or even that we’re holding on to sticky or toxic energies that aren’t serving us.  In this case you can use either a sage smudge, or a selenite wand.  Once again you are going to take a mindful pause and set your intentions.  When I am performing a cleanse on myself I like to say:  “I release all that is negative in my life.  I release its power over me.  I reclaim the power of my spirit.”   Starting at the crown of your head you’ll move down your body, including your arms and hands, your legs and feet.  If you’re using a sage smudge, you can imagine the smoke lifting all that is negative away from you. Drawing it out from your body and into the universe to be transmuted into energy that can serve the greater good in some other way.

An Act Of Self Love

We have been given good tools to be able to create positive, healing, flowing energy in our bodies and the spaces around us.  It is an act of self-love to make time to be quiet and curious about if you or the spaces you inhabit could benefit from a cleanse.  If so, take some time for yourself to create an environment that will become a lighter, more peaceful place of healing and flow. You can even reach out to me today to schedule a session for a more in-depth personal cleansing.

For more information, you can enjoy my podcast episode where I talk about all things cleansing!

Podcast Episode #9

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