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Every year for the past 25 years or so, I have made a cornucopia for Thanksgiving.  A good ol’ horn o’ plenty.  People really love it.  Everyone thinks my baking skills are far more extensive than they truly are.  It is pretty cool.  And my kids always eat it.

I was in my early twenties when a friend of ours brought one to a Thanksgiving meal we attended.  At that time, I was the one oohing and aaahing over this culinary work of art.  I didn’t know anybody who could make something like that.  And this dude friend of ours, who spent hardly any time in the kitchen, admitted it was the easiest cool thing he ever made.  I have been baking it ever since. 

A Little Thanksgiving Miracle

This year I struggled with the darn thing.  It started to come apart in the oven, I brushed it with butter instead of egg white.  What’s a girl to do?  Admit my frustrations and move on, that’s what.  It was a little Thanksgiving miracle because I actually did move on. As opposed to years passed where I would have most certainly entertained the idea of starting over.

Since I still have a load of baking and entertaining ahead of me today, I would like to leave you with this:  Sometimes I try so hard to be shiny and impressive that it steals my energy, my joy, and a lot of beautiful moments.  But I am learning that mostly I am the shiniest when I exert less effort over it.  I am more grateful, more glad, and I am easier, when I can tuck back into myself and trust that I am exactly who I’m meant to be – in all my anxiety and leaning-forward, my tenderness and love.

I am so grateful that you are on this journey with me.  I wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings!  Be very kind with yourself.  You deserve to tuck into the you today.  You are wonderful and loved.  And also, at the center of you, very shiny.

If you are an over-achiever, or you are surrounded by crazy people today, or you are lonely, or stressed, or even if you get to be surrounded by those you love, let’s be friends~

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