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Distance Healing with Reiki

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that can be administered in person or over a distance. Reiki is used to reduce stress and inflammation in the body through the use of universal life force energy. It helps to create a relaxation response that can promote a mind-body state conducive to healing. Reiki healing involves spiritual, emotional, and mental unblocking and re-balancing. This helps get to the root cause of a condition and creates an optimal environment in which the body and mind can heal.

People seek Reiki healing for many reasons

My clients come to me for relief from many different things. Sometimes they are experiencing pain and discomfort in their bodies. Oftentimes my clients express difficulty in processing through overwhelming emotions. Other times we may be working with a sense of stagnancy in their lives or disconnection from themselves and the lives around them. Whatever concerns are brought into our sessions, I have had wonderful success in helping my clients discover significant relief and revelation whether we are working together, in-person, or over a distance.

What is remote Reiki?

Remote Reiki, otherwise known as a distance healing session simply involves me connecting with the client at a particular time. Sometimes we are connected via a phone call, and other times, not. We sit together in meditation connected through our energetic fields, even though we are separated by distance. I am able to offer the same services in a remote session as I am able to offer in person.

Working with Reiki over distances

The basic premise behind distance healing in Reiki sessions is that everything is connected. Our energy field (otherwise known as our aura, or the human biofield) extends significantly beyond our physical body. This means we are constantly interacting, on some level, with all sorts of energies around us. A sense of déjà vu, or having someone call you moments after you were thinking about them, are some examples of our energetic connections beyond our immediate physical space.

Distance Reiki brings physical relief

A client came to see me because he was experiencing gout in one of his feet, specifically his big toe. He had decided to have a surgery to get some relief. He had been recovering well when some inflammation moved in and was proving difficult to manage. We set a date that I would use distance healing with Reiki. He knew I would be sitting with his energy at some point throughout that day. I had agreed to send him my notes afterward. For his part, he kept an open mind about receiving healing in his body, however it would come.

When I sat in meditation to send Reiki, I brought my attention to the toe that was experiencing the inflammation. Interestingly, I was redirected up to his head where I discovered some thinking loops. These were disruptive patterns in his thoughts that were somehow distracting his ability to heal in his foot.

I sent energy into his body, intending it to move where it was needed and observed as there was a pause in those looping thoughts. Consequently, there was a redirection of his body’s energy from this distraction toward healing. Then, stillness. Again I observed as his mind calmed and there was space to hold healing energy. A sense of peace took over in his mind. From this point, I was directed to move that healing energy down into his foot and toe. I sensed a balancing and relief move through his body. Later on that day, I got a text from him that the swelling had gone down significantly.

I love it when a body responds in a way that is magical! It is mysterious to see swelling reduced in a toe by first moving through my client’s mind. This can feel counterintuitive to our Western mindset. And yet this is something I enjoy very much about Reiki healing. By bringing attention to both the physical body as well as the mind we can achieve connection and balance. In this way, a holistic healing experience can be enjoyed.

Distance Reiki brings psychological relief

Another of my clients came to me out of curiosity and wanting to have an experience in energy healing. She had never had an experience like it before and was open and interested to see where it would take her. During our session, we were connected via a phone call where we were able to be conversational throughout the session. Again, I drew us into a space of meditation together. My first impression was that her energy was very cool – guarded, and pulled-back. This is not uncommon in people experiencing energy healing for the first time. Especially if they are a little bit nervous and uncertain about where the experience is going to lead them.

It didn’t take long for this client to relax into the energy. Through visualization, I found us in a space that was a large room filled with extremely organized bookshelves. No books were out of place. There were no trinkets cluttering the shelves. Only absolute organization. Then, a book poked out from the rest of them! My client’s instant response was to put it back where it belonged, in order. Before she did, though, , I asked her to bring a curiosity to the book that had moved itself: Why did it move? Did it have a message for her? Was it there to teach her something?

In that space together, she was able to be with the energy just as it was. The question arose for her: How could she learn from that experience? Could she allow something to be what it was, even if it was outside of her preferred order? As she took time to ponder the experience, she was able to challenge herself. The lasting impact of that experience was a mindful attention. She became more aware of her responses to things that felt uncomfortable or were outside of her expectations. And that’s where all growth starts. When we are aware something doesn’t feel right and can be open to change.

Distance Reiki brings emotional relief

I have enjoyed a deep connection in many sessions with a regular client of mine. During one session in particular, she had a very sweet and powerful experience through a distance healing with Reiki. We had scheduled to sit down at the same time together but not engage in a phone call. When the time came, we each sat separately in meditation. I sensed some pent-up energy at her knees. The energy felt frustrated and thwarted, like she was experiencing challenges moving forward in her life. The energy was asking for release. The impression I got was that she was holding on to some painful memories.

The energies of unconditional love and gentleness created a safe and non-judgmental space for her to acknowledge those memories. I visualized the space as a large, grassy field. At the edge of it, I saw a thick, deep wilderness. I could sense she had some darker, harder memories residing in there. I could feel this was a place that my client was afraid of. Maybe she had been unable to acknowledge these memories on her own. I continued to hold both the memories and my client in a safe space together. Always aware of the energies of love, acceptance, and healing. At a point, a sense of peace washed over me and I knew there had been some resolution for my client.

When I spoke with my client after the session, she confirmed that she was with me experiencing the wide-open field. In fact, she had spent a lot of time in this place as a safe space within herself. She had been aware of the wilderness, but had never wanted to go into it because it made her feel afraid. That session was very cathartic for her. It created an opportunity to start looking at things she was harboring in her heart as hopes and dreams, as opposed to living in past memories.

Remote Reiki sessions are powerful

Reiki is still a powerful experience even if it isn’t possible to attend an in-person session. Remote Reiki sessions are a wonderful alternative. Especially during the world-wide health crisis of COVID when it has been difficult to connect with each other in a close physical proximity. If you are interested in connecting with me via a remote session, or have questions, you can contact me on my website

Please enjoy my podcast episode where I talk about distance healing with Reiki:

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