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Fate and News

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As fate would have it, I have some complications with my typing fingers today.  However, I still have something I would like to share with you.

I’ve been thinking about writing a monthly newsletter for quite a while and I’ve decided the time is now!  Once I get all the technical aspects figured out, I’ll make sure you, here, will be among the first to have an opportunity to sign up.  In fact, you can pre-sign up here now. 

My aim is to be holistic.  I’ll share some tidbits about myself – what I’m reading and listening to.  There will be articles about Reiki and wellness and mindful living.  I’ll also be posting pictures of things that have caught my eyes.  And other things too as they strike my fancy.  I’m really excited about it and can’t wait to share it with you, so, stay tuned!

Until then, here is this month’s article:

Tree Rings and Reiki Sessions

As an energy healer, I have a unique ability to see the energy space that surrounds people.  I don’t see it all the time.  Sometimes I can be aware of a person’s energy and decide to pay attention to it, or not.  Like when you walk into a restaurant and see someone you know before they see you.  But when I’m in a session with a client, I am tuned in all eyes and ears.

In that space of meditation with my client, I can see their physical form, and I can see into the energetic space surrounding them as well.  Some people call this the aura, or the human biofield.  Take your pick.  What I see is rings, like the rings in the stump of a tree.  Circles moving outward from the center point which is the beginning. 

In a tree, each of those rings tells a story of how much water the tree got or if there was a fire or a bug infestation.  In people, those rings tell similar stories.  They hold all the information we have experienced in our lives.  Sometimes there will be disruptions in the rings where there has been an inability to integrate or process something that happened.  Many times, that disruption will be asking for attention using a voice of chronic pain, anxiety or depression, or unhealthy life patterns.  These are generally the reasons people come to see me.  In a session, we can bring our curiosity to what is asking for attention and be present to it in a way that can promote healing and relief.  It is a beautiful and brave process for my clients.

If you’d like to sit with me in a session, give me a ring! 😉

If you have complications that interfere with your daily routine, or you love or don’t love newsletters, let’s be friends~

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