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To Flow Or Not To Flow

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Hello Friends!

It’s been a hot second since we’ve had a nice moment to connect.  Nine days to be exact.  How are you?

The last time I sat down to write a post, something strange happened.  I was at my computer, typing along like I always do, and I found myself hitting some roadblocks.  This isn’t so unusual.  It happens from time to time that I have to skip ahead to keep my momentum and then circle back around and fill in blanks here and there as I’m rereading and editing. 


This time was a little different though.  There was a lot of skipping and only a little momentum.  When I got to the end of the post something didn’t feel right.  As I reread back through, it was like there was a glitch in the matrix.  Each time I tried to edit a section to create cohesion and flow, another completely new idea would emerge.  The post was a hodge podge of rabbit trails all leading to little cliffs where I found myself dangerously teetering over edges of abysses.  Yes, plural.  Edges.  Abysses.

And then, 09385u ]0   p’odfi= n795y ‘pWE!  Blip!  I had to close my computer.  My brain was beginning to spark and smoke.  I think I must have short-circuited.

Resting With The Deep Waters

For all my talk of being mindful and taking breaks and finding rest, I may have missed a few road signs.  At any rate, the message was received.  And I have been resting. 

Over the past nine days, I have been taking lots of naps.  Reading good and beautiful books.  Watching poignant shows.  My vivid dreams are coming back.  I’ve been journaling like crazy.  With a pen in my hand.  Like, old-fashioned handwriting.  My best and truest form of processing.  I’m having revelations and new perspectives.

I really love flow.  And I am pretty great at it.  Even when there isn’t much flowing, I can force out at least a trickle here and there.  For the past week, though, I have simply turned off the spigot.  Allowing the flow to gather in me.  Resting with the deep waters.  And it has been good.

I Miss You

And I miss you!  I’m looking forward to sitting down and opening up the spigot again.  I’ll know it’s time when I find myself back in a wonderful season of overflow.  Until then, I’m collecting all sorts of beautiful imagery and wisdom and insights for our next round together. Stay tuned~

If you know what you need to do but are nervous about the path, if you find that it’s hard and good and nerve-wracking and essential to take good care of yourself, let’s be friends~

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