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The Healing Energy of Reiki

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Aligned Stones

Learning to podcast is challenging

My second live podcast proved to be quite challenging to me!  I know all sorts of things about Reiki but next to nothing about how to format that knowledge for my own podcasting show. I mistakingly assumed the direction and content for the show would be driven by the host. More of an interview type setting. However, when my host asked me what I was going to be talking about, it really threw me for a loop! Silence on a live podcast feels deafening so I only had a moment to figure it out. I decided to talk about the very thing I know plenty about: The healing energy of Reiki.  My hope was to go into more depth into the energy of Reiki and how I use it in my practice.  Thankfully, we even got a listener call in with a question! 

Challenge brings growth

This episode began as a tremendously uncomfortable experience!  By the end of it, though, I was able to take ownership and to bring some interesting information to my listeners. 

I am grateful for this opportunity to talk about my practice and the transformative energy available to me to share with my clients. By the end of this show, I had decided to prepare completely differently for the next show. I am already excited about the content I will share next week. It’s always such a relief when a nerve-wracking experience can be so easily transformed into learning and growth.

Reiki for peace of mind

And when it’s all said and done, this is what I love about the healing energy of Reiki. I love being able to bring an attention to what is happening in a moment, even if it is stress or pain or fear, and to bring a curiosity to that experience. In that moment, Reiki is able to flow in and bring a clarity and peace. It is in that space of peace that we can know that all is well.

Enjoy my podcast episode where I talk about the healing energy of Reiki:

Episode #2

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