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I’m Glad We’re Friends

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Hello Friends!  In one of my last posts I reassured all of us that during this season of rest, my flow would be restored and then out of the overflow, I would get to come back, and we would once again, enjoy together, this space of connection.  And that is happening – the resting and restoring.

Today, though, I found myself bursting with a desire to jumpstart that process.  (Classic me.)  Apparently, my writer’s brain isn’t quite back online yet.  You’ll have to bear with me in my work-arounds.

So, as I wrote this post, I imagined us sitting at a cozy café table, sipping hot beverages.  Sharing back and forth as friends do.  There are the usual interruptions:  The waitress comes by to warm up our cups.  Someone opens the door and a chill moves through the warmth.  Stopping and starting as fluid and enjoyable conversations go.

I’m telling you my story about this interesting process I’m in right now.  How I’m noticing my patterns of overthinking and how it short-circuits my creativity.  But the more I’m noticing these patterns, the more I’m able to step outside of them. . . . .

The Views Are Stunning

The doggies and I have been having some pretty epic morning walks.  We are lucky to live in Anacortes, and beyond lucky to live right on the Guemes Channel.  Mika, Molly, and I have a good loop that runs right along the channel for many blocks before we cut up and make our way back home.  The views along the way are stunning!

Last week I noticed some unusual patterns in the water and so we paused to see if anything exciting was happening.  Indeed!  There was a pod of about 4 Orca whales surfacing. It was incredible!

There are also a few trees along the way where we regularly get to see (and hear) an eagle pair.  This morning, one of them was in residence, calling out.  As I scanned the channel looking for its mate, I saw it diving toward the water where it plucked up a fish then flew right over the top of us into a tree.  I was bursting with delight and couldn’t wait to get home and write about it.


As we continued our walk, the overthinking started.  I was torn between thinking through what I was going to write, and bringing myself back to the present moment.  My body, the fresh air, the epic views.  Then a spark of panic:  What if I forget what I want to say?  Followed by the gentle voice of reason:  Trust your gift.  By this time my chest was getting a little tight.  My throat too.

Back and forth until I finally got back to my computer and found that I had jammed up all my gears.  Again.

A Gentle Reminder

So, I took a shower.  And something about the warm water partnering with the gravity of the good earth helped to ground me.  Loosening up the gridlock in my mind.  Creating space for a kind and gentle reminder: There is a fragile balance between holding on and letting go. 

And from our cozy space together at the café table, we both smile and nod.  We both know there are times when we’ve held on too tightly and let go too soon.  We are glad to have a friend to share that bittersweet reality with.  We’re also both glad that we get to live in a world where there are whales and eagles, and good doggies to walk in the fresh morning air. 

Thank you for taking the time to connect today.  I’m glad we’re friends~

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