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The World Offers Itself To Your Imagination

I was walking into my house one day when I noticed, to the left of the steps, the most curious little tree.  At its trunk was a little house.  A little mouse-sized house.  Instantly, I thought, I would like to live there.  With a tiny table and chairs.  A tiny bed.  I could be cozy and happy there.

I’ve walked through my front door hundreds and hundreds of times.  It’s not like that tree sprouted and grew up overnight.  I just hadn’t noticed it there before.  I mean, I knew there was a little tree there.  We hang bird feeders from it.  What I hadn’t noticed, was the magical, mini house. 

Mary Oliver writes, “ . . . the world offers itself to your imagination . . .”  I really believe this.  When I am out in the wide world with my eyes open, I swear there is magic happening everywhere.

There is a quality to the sky sometimes during sunset.  If there is a little wisp of a cloud against the blue, and the setting sun hits it just right, there can appear to be a little rip.  A tear in the fabric.  Like something behind the clouds is so full to bursting with glory and light that it is causing our sky to come apart at a seam.  In that moment, one could see through to another realm.  I see through.

The world offers itself to your imagination.  So if you have been struck by wonder or if you are bored with your life, or distracted, let’s step into the magical world today with our eyes wide open, and be friends~

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