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I’m working on writing my monthly newsletter today and tomorrow.  It’s pretty fun.  I’ve never even sent out a family Christmas card before, let alone a monthly newsletter. So, I’m new to this.  And the best part is, I can do it however I want!

As much as I love to read, I do not love to read big, long blocks of text.  Unless it’s a book.  That I can hold in my hands and flip through the paper pages.  That I can take notes in with a pencil and dog-ear the pages.

Pictures, Please!

If something on a screen is going to take me more than, say, 4 or so minutes, I’m either going to lightly skim it, or skip it altogether.  And I need pictures, folks.  I’m a highly visual learner so if there isn’t something for me wrap my eyes around, you can pretty much count me out.  Being the author and creator of my own newsletter means that my articles are reasonably-lengthed, and accompanied by pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I spent some time today going through my images.  Looking for the perfect one to post in the newsletter in my “Beauty will save the world” section.  I’ve seen a lot of really beautiful things.  I’ve captured some of them with my camera. 

The image for today’s post is the winner for my January newsletter.  “Little Bee”.  I took this photo in Minnesota at a vineyard on October 8, 2013.  I remember being delighted that this little buddy came to sit with me for a moment.  What a gift.  And then I loved how my fingerprint was stamped on the glass.  So many things I wouldn’t normally see unless I was really present and paying attention.  Also, the light was glorious. 


Project: Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter, I’m also adding a Poetry Corner.  This will either be something I’ve written, or something from someone else that I love.  Something that brought me into a present, pregnant pause in my life.  Something that helped me to see the world a little bit differently.

And then I will, of course, be sharing what I’m reading and what I’m listening to.  I’ll write an article that will be born into the January 2023 News and possibly spend its entire existence just there.

I’m really enjoying this little project.  Even the frustration it’s causing my non-techy-oriented brain as I learn how to use Mailchimp, isn’t quite as stressful as I thought it might be.  And, I’m getting to learn something new, which seems to be emerging as a theme in my life these days.  In fact, maybe I’ll add that element into February’s newsletter:  “Trying new things.”  And while we’re talking about adding new elements, sometime it might be fun to set up a meet-up someplace where we can sip and chat and be together in solidarity.  Just sayin’.  Keep in touch.

Join me in my monthly newsletter space for updates, articles, beauty and musings.

Hope to see you there!

Meanwhile, if you love little bees and beauty in the world, or if you like to try new things or if new things make you nervous, let’s be friends~

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