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Learning To Rest part 2

I woke up first thing this morning overthinking.  Not a good start to a rest day.  I lingered in bed for a while, warm and cozy.  I meant to send blessing into the day except overthinking, overthinking, overthinking.  So I got up.

The cats were hungry.  The dogs needed to potty.  We forgot to run the dishwasher last night.  My brain loves this stuff.  Doing to accompany the overthinking.  This nearly always turns into over-doing. 

Meandering and Daydreaming

But it is Saturday.  A rest day.  And today I get to make a press pot of coffee instead of pushing the button on the Keurig.  Today is a day of going a different direction.  The long way.  The way that leaves lots of room for meandering and daydreaming.  For not solving problems but instead giving them time to marinate and move closer to their own solutions (which I will consider on Monday).

The light on the neighbors’ house is beautiful. And it is very cold.


And so today I leave you with simplicity, as I look out the window at this glorious November morning. Sipping hot coffee out of my Gram’s China.  The light on the neighbors’ house is beautiful.  And it is very cold.

If you’re an overthinker or need rest or love a press pot of coffee, let’s be friends~

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