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Listening To Pain

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As an energy healer, my experience is that everything in our bodies begins somewhere in our energetic fields.  There are subtle signs and whispers being translated to us at any given time. If we are unable to be mindful, or still and quiet, it’s often hard for us to get those messages.  Eventually, the whispers get louder until they register in our physical bodies as pain, discomfort, or disease.  The trick is listening to the pain.

Establishing a meditation practice in your life will help to create space for you to be quiet and listen.  Even if that meditation time is only 30 seconds of mindful breaths, your body and field will benefit greatly.  Starting small is the best way to create something lasting and important.

It is very discouraging when pain and illness take up residence in your physical body.  Especially when it is difficult to find relief.  This has been a very real part of my post-cancer journey.  I have struggled with pain throughout a few different regions in my body.  Most days the pain gets so loud that by the end of the day, I am overwhelmed and on sensory overload.  This is the reality of chronic pain.

Time is a healer

Recently, I have begun to have success in becoming a better listener.  I find that when I am able to be present in a calm and quiet space, listening to the pain in my that helps me pay attention.  When I am in this space, I try to bring my awareness to the area of pain and ask it what it has to teach me.  Sometimes the message is that I’m overdoing it and I need to be more gentle with myself.  Sometimes the message takes me into my energetic field and puts me in contact with grief, or worrying about the future, or frustrations and resentments I have been holding onto.  Oftentimes this is a process of acknowledging these emotions and then letting them go.  And I’ll be honest, these things can take time.  And time is a healer. 

Meanwhile, I’ve found that the experience of pain in my body can still be taking up a loud residence.  Again, these things take time and patience.  However, I have been working with different methods of visualization to “turn down” the pain while I work through the emotional issues at the heart of it.  One thing that helps me is to visualize a volume knob. There are numbers from 0-10.  I ‘ll find my current pain level, and from there, I will turn it down.   I find that this has really helped me, and although the volume knob will sometimes creep back up, a quiet moment of presence and some good deep, cleansing breaths usually help me to reengage a space of peace and calm.

Pain relief through Reiki

This is a practice that takes some time to master but it can be a helpful tool. Sometimes, though, listening to the pain and working with visualization aren’t enough. In those times, I need to take extra time and give myself a Reiki treatment. Seeking pain relief is what drives a number of clients to my practice. During a Reiki session, there is an opportunity to enter a space of relaxation that can promote a sense of well-being as well as pain relief. I also like to take the time to give my clients some meditation tools that they can use on themselves at home.

If you are interested in learning how to be a better listener to your body, or even learning some visualization techniques to help reduce pain you may be experiencing, I would love to sit with you in a Reiki session.  You can schedule a session through any of the contact sites on my web page and we can set up an appointment to get you some relief today!

You are worth it~

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