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I’ve sat down many times today to write.  Each time, the same thing happens.  Quiet.  This is a rare and unexpected situation for me.  Especially on a Monday with the week ahead of me and all sorts of projects and chores to be done.

I sit quietly and inquire what my soul would like to say today.  Silence.  And it’s nice.  It’s not the restless, anxious quiet that I sometimes find myself in.  This is nice.  Peace and calm quiet.

Fresh Air. My Camera.

I thought it would be good for me to get out of the house and breathe some fresh air. I took my camera and my favorite sandwich to the park and watched people with their dogs.  I watched a flock of pigeons chase after someone’s crumbs.  There were seagulls circling overhead in the wind off the water.  And in me, still quiet.

I drove up to one of my favorite lookouts.  I took some pictures.  The sun is shining brilliantly today so there are diamonds on the water.  The path through the park in the trees is magical. Sometimes there are porpoises in the little channel.  Not today.  Just quiet.

Don’t get me wrong, there is sound all around me.  I can hear jets from Whidbey taking off and landing.  There is a diesel truck idling up here, performing some routine maintenance.  These are both things that could easily annoy me and so I check in with myself.  Not annoyed.  Just quiet.

Stillness And Sunshine

And so finally I will just accept this gift.  It’s taken me most of the day to decide this.  I’ll cease the wondering and checking in.  I’ll just be still here.  A lovely pause, breathing in, breathing out.  Trusting the stillness and the sunshine.


If you are uncomfortable with too much quiet, or if quiet is exactly what your soul needs, let’s pause today, and be friends~

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