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About Reiki

Reiki Services Offered

Learn the many ways Reiki can benefit your wellbeing.

Land and Spaces

Reiki can remove negative energy and bring in positive, high vibrational energy.

Vibrational Healing

Reiki works in harmony with sound frequencies to bring about health and well-being.


The gentle energy of Reiki is conducive to connecting animals to their own healing abilities.

Color Awareness

The use of color for therapeutic purposes is enhanced by the versatile healing energy of Reiki.

Chakra Clearing

The flow of Reiki moves fluidly through the subtle energies of the chakras allowing for their clearing and support.

Find out what your first session looks like or learn the benefits of Reiki by taking a Reiki Class.

Discover all the benefits of Reiki

Find out how Reiki can help you experience spiritual or emotional healing, mental unblocking, and re-balancing.

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