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Chakra & Energy Healing

Chakra clearing, balancing, and energizing

What are chakras?

Life is energy, and the chakras are all about energy.  The energy that permeates the universe circulates through our bodies and helps us experience life. Chakras are the energy centers within the body that store and transmit universal energy.

How do Chakras affect the human body?

Every one of us experiences health and wellness, as well as pain, and energy stress in different parts of our bodies and minds.  Maintaining an energized, balanced chakra system can help to alleviate pain and stress build-up and create a sense of holistic well-being.

What is the Chakra System?

The chakra system is composed of seven major chakras that run vertically along the spinal column.  This complex set of energy interactions makes up the human body, mind, and spirit.  Each chakra marks a funnel-shaped energy vortex made up of two or more channels of subtle energy.  The different chakras deal with different areas of the body’s function.

Can Reiki Energy interface with chakras?

The skill of the healer is to identify how to clear energy pathways as blocks and disrupted energies reveal themselves.  My ability to energize and clear clients’ chakras fits intuitively within the modality of energy healing through Reiki.

Clear energy pathways and disrupted energies

Free up the energies of your chakras and experience a sense of holistic well-being.

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