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Reiki for Spaces

Energetic Cleansing Sessions with Land and Building Structures

Property, building structures, and land need love too

Like our human bodies, properties, building structures and land can acquire stagnant, blocked, and negative energies.  Just as we can become unbalanced energetically, so can our homes, land and offices.  The energy of a place can affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  It can often be quite simple to detect if your space could benefit from an energetic cleansing session:  A place with good, positive energy will feel accommodating, peaceful, and positive and you will feel good being there.  Conversely, a location that feels tense, constricting, or heavy could likely benefit from an energetic cleansing.  When clearing both structures and land, it is my intention to raise the energy of love and life from the heart of the space and release the energies of blockage, stagnancy, or negativity that may have accumulated there.

There are two ways I can approach an energetic cleansing session

In-person and remotely.  It is ideal for me to have the opportunity to make physical contact with the space but if it is not feasible, I am able to work with the Reiki energy to perform the session remotely.  I work with the energies of the space to clear long-held accumulated and stagnant energies.  This includes what may have happened before you arrived there.  The energetic space of a structure or a piece of land holds information about all that has happened there.  This energy can carry an emotional charge that affects the lives that pass through those spaces.  When a house isn’t selling or attracting curious buyers, it could very well be that stagnant or negative energies have built up within the house.  A move to a new apartment may need clearing of past tenants to make the space your own.  As I contact the energies within the space, I can decipher the best way forward to cleansing, honoring, and calling forth peaceful and activating energies.

Surround yourself with good, positive energy

Schedule a session to remove negative energy and bring in positive, high vibrational energy into your spaces.

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