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What to expect

The first session will begin with a brief interview and a client intake form.  You will be asked a series of questions so that I may plan the most beneficial session/series of sessions for your needs.  Please keep in mind that privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times.  I subscribe to the IARP Code of Ethics as posted in my treatment room.  

A Reiki session is performed with both client and practitioner seated in comfortable chairs opposite each other.  Each session is guided by the client’s desire to heal.  If you indicate in the initial interview or at the beginning of a session that you wish for me to pay attention to a particular injury or issue, I will also concentrate on that area during the session.  For a regular session, I will guide both the client and myself into a quiet, meditative space together.  From there I will work with the energies, pain, or stresses that are present with the client and in their energy field to bring clarity, connection, peace, and a sense of well-being.  At the end of the session, I will take time to make sure the client is grounded and comfortable and address any questions or concerns that may have come up during the session

During the session, clients are encouraged to relax and inform me if anything makes them uncomfortable, either physically or psychologically.  Please feel free to talk with me regarding feedback during the session.  I will often talk with you during the session so there can be a clear understanding of the work we are doing.  If something feels uncomfortable during the session, however, please speak up immediately.  I want to know as soon as possible.

When I first heard of Reiki, I wondered, “Reiki? What’s that? Is it like therapy? Or meditation? What if it doesn’t align with my beliefs? Or it’s weird, or I do it wrong?” Then I had an opportunity to try a Reiki session with Taya. I soon learned that I had nothing to worry about. Unlike meditation, where I find myself all-too-often facing down the worst of myself helplessly, or therapy, which (though very helpful) does sometimes throw me against a growth-point I’m not ready for because the therapist pushes it, Reiki with Taya allows me to face myself, not alone, but with a translator and ally. The only things I face are what she finds in my existing energy, and whatever my response, I don’t have to flounder through alone. I haven’t felt this safe to relax in my own mind in – well, maybe ever. 10/10 would recommend.

Jemimah M.

Connect to yourself & the world around you

Address the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of your health with a guided Reiki Session

How Often Should I Do Sessions?

Some people may experience profound healing effects after only a single session, while others may find that they require multiple sessions to experience the benefits of Reiki. Reiki works to promote healing, and healing is a process that often needs to be carried out over a period of time to see results.  Energetic blocks and disturbances in the human biofield have their own unique patterns that perpetuate themselves.   Depending on the strength of these patterns, it can take longer or shorter periods of time to release them and recalibrate the energies back to that of a healthy field.  It’s typically recommended that people go through at least 3-4 Reiki sessions to experience notable changes.  Oftentimes people will set up monthly appointments for tune-ups or to continue on their healing journey. If you’re interested in setting up a series of sessions let me know when scheduling your appointment.

Taya Gray of Roots Reiki is a compassionate, gifted, thoughtful, and generous Reiki Master and Teacher. Her remote sessions with me have proven both timely and accurate, as well as comforting, encouraging, healing, insightful, and empowering. Taya is one of the first people I turn to when I am feeling discouraged, confused, overwhelmed, or just plain in need of encouragement and support.


There are circumstances in which an in-person session is not reasonable or possible including:

Contagious illness

Public health crisis 

• Appointment anxiety

• Separation by a great distance

Remote/Distance Sessions

I am available to perform Remote Reiki sessions. A remote/distance session simply involves connecting via a phone call in which the client and myself sit in a meditative space together, though separated by distance. 

The basic premise behind remote Reiki sessions is that everything is connected.  Our energy field (otherwise known as our aura, or the human biofield), not only extends beyond our physical body, but it extends indefinitely.  This means we are constantly interacting, on some level, with the entire world.  Those times when you weirdly knew something was going to happen before it actually did; you thought about someone and they called you a few minutes later; you experienced a sense of déjà vu when meeting someone for the “first” time.  These are all examples that support the concept of remote energy work.   Albert Einstein summarized this so perfectly when he said, “Space and time are not conditions in which we live; they are merely modes in which we think.”

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