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A – Archimedes (287-212 B.C.)

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“Give me somewhere to stand and I will move the Earth.”

Archimedes was a Greek mathematician, philosopher, scientist and engineer.  This quote was meant to illustrate the remarkable power of levers.  Interesting, for certain, but it feels far more inspiring to me than that!

Shiny and Strong

I believe that each of us is gifted with something unique that’s meant to make the world a more beautiful place.  For some people, they seem to figure it out very young.  For others of us, it can take nearly a lifetime.

When we know who we are, and have the courage to believe we are valuable, it makes us very shiny, and strong.  In this dark world, light is so very important.  And contagious too.

When I have the courage to be my true self, and share from my heart, I have seen how my vulnerability reassures others.  It’s not just me that is afraid my kids won’t find good friends.  I’m not the only one who has issues micromanaging so that I can have some semblance of control in my life.  I am not alone in these things.  We are not alone.


There is something very empowering in belonging.  Connection is a powerful force that inspires me to seek more connection, and more connection more deeply.  As I find myself connected and rooted, I am able to be more true.  Shiny.  This, in turn, inspires others to feel like they belong, and are connected.  And from that place of assurance, light begins to shine.  And so on . . . and so on . . . and so on. 

What can follow is a flood of courage and connection. Kindness and light.  Imagine the Earth under a flood of kindness and light!

A Place To Stand

For me, my place to stand is at my sweet little desk with my fingers clicking away on my Macbook.  Your place to stand may be at your kiddos’ school.  Or volunteering at a local animal shelter.  You may be shining on your grandkids.  Or your light may be comforting others as you check them in for their appointments at the doctor’s office.

Shine where you stand and we will flood the Earth!  Or at the very least, make it a more kind and beautiful place for all of us who need it.

If you’re looking for your place to stand, or if you want to move the Earth, let’s be friends~

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