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Stepping Into The Light

Years ago, one of my girlfriends said something to me that changed the way I thought about people.  It was a time in my life when I was struggling in every part of myself.  Everything I was undertaking was hard. Heather said, “it’s easy.”

At the time, she was working with people with disabilities.  Some of them fairly severe.  When we were together, she’d share stories about her day.  Even though it was usually a lighthearted conversation, I remember very clearly thinking, I could never do what she does.  She possessed unlimited patience and depths of kindness.  The hard things I saw her doing were, in her world, acts of service which brought her joy.

She never ceased to amaze me with her bright outlook and sense of humor.  It was during a conversation when I was telling her as much that she responded to me, “Eh.  It’s easy.”  And I absolutely believed that she thought it was.  In truth, she was highly gifted with the skills, temperament, and love to be able to shine in such a position.  But that made it no less astonishing to me that she did it.

The truth of it caused me to start looking around.  It is obvious to me when I have interactions with someone who is aligned in their heart and life.  It’s a little like standing in a warm ray of sunshine.  And these days, with all the fear and separation and negativity, it can be a real surprise to have that kind of experience with another person.  It truly stands out.

Opening My Eyes

So how do we get there?  What is the magic combination that clicks all the tumblers into a row and unlocks us?  This is the million dollar question because who, among us, doesn’t want to be good at something, and find ease and joy?

Since I can only speak for myself, I will say that, for me, the magic combination was opening my eyes, and looking honestly at everything before me.  It was proving impossible for me to move forward and navigate my journey when I wasn’t willing to pay attention to all that was happening to me and around me.

It’s like watching someone in a blindfold.  Their awkward uncertain movements are hardly inspiring.  Hands aimlessly groping for something solid.  Insecurely hunching forward hoping not to stumble.

Heather’s life was inspiring.  My life at the time was characterized by aimless groping and insecure hunching.  And so it was time for me to take a breath, find my courage, and open my eyes.  Thankfully, this put me in a position to finally be honest with myself.  And this was the door to the heart of me. 

Love and Light

When we know who we are, it becomes easier to embrace the truth, the people, and the scenarios that are meant for us, and to release all those that aren’t.  When I am honest with myself, I step into the light.  The scary shadows and monsters of the dark come into a clearer focus and hold less power over me.  In the light, my self also comes into a clearer focus, and this is the place where I find out that I’m brave, and held in kindness and even loved.

It was easy for Heather to do her beautiful work because she knew who she was.  And out of that overflow, she gave into her world a gift of love and light.  As we learn to be honest with ourselves, we too begin to give off love and light.  It warms the spaces around us, giving others the courage to know themselves too.

If you know someone who amazes you, or if you are that person, if you need a warm space of kindness, let’s be friends~

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