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Daring Greatly

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I’m reluctantly reading Brené Brown’s book, “Daring Greatly.”  It’s been sitting on my bookshelf for many years.  Whenever I go to reach for a new book, it offers itself to me.  But for some reason, I always feel annoyed about it.  I have no idea… Read More »Daring Greatly

To Flow Or Not To Flow

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Hello Friends! It’s been a hot second since we’ve had a nice moment to connect.  Nine days to be exact.  How are you? The last time I sat down to write a post, something strange happened.  I was at my computer, typing along like I… Read More »To Flow Or Not To Flow

Freedom From The Deep Grooves

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I’m an insomniac.  Just like my Gram.  I’ve been seeing doctors about it since my late twenties.  Turns out there are two types of insomnia:  The type where you can’t fall asleep.  And the type where you can’t stay asleep.  As luck and genetics would… Read More »Freedom From The Deep Grooves

Thoughts On Gifts

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Today is Christmas! Typically, we, as Americans, love to spend the holiday giving and receiving gifts.  This tradition can run the gamut of fun and festive, to stressful and overwhelming.  More on that in a moment.  A Gift Out Of The Blue Many months ago,… Read More »Thoughts On Gifts

A Voice Of Love

Saturday Today is Saturday.  Saturdays are wonderful around here because we get to switch gears from the weekday routines, to rest.  Sometimes our rest looks like being couch potatoes, watching shows.  And other times our rest looks more like being out and about in the… Read More »A Voice Of Love

A Word About Poetry

Today is Sunday.  Today my rest looks like watching football and doing laundry.  I’ll be setting up my week and possibly lounging in my pj’s all day long.  Or maybe not.  It’s a fluid day.   A flow where the river takes me day. But I… Read More »A Word About Poetry

Learning to Rest

Today is Saturday.  It is November in the Pacific Northwest and though it is chilly out, the sun is shining.  This is some of my most favorite weather.  And it’s Saturday.  This means that the shape of my day gets to change into something fluid… Read More »Learning to Rest

Cancer or Aging?

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I had cancer once.  It was hard and beautiful and frightening and interesting.  I experienced so much pain it nearly sent me out of my mind.  Other times the quality of discomfort and strangeness in my body was so curious to me I became a… Read More »Cancer or Aging?

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