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The Scenery Of My Life

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This is a space I love.  My best work happens here.  I meditate and do yoga in this space.  I see clients here.  It is a place of love and light and infinite potential. What you don’t see in this picture is shelves filled with… Read More »The Scenery Of My Life


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Introducing, my family!  Well, most of them.  Some have passed.  Some were sick.  One of my sisters lives in Idaho with her family.  We got to pass around a new baby this year.  His daddy died before he was born, but his wonderful Grandpa and… Read More »Family~

A Culture of Peace

I love peace.  Home, for me, must be a place of peace.  And I’m not talking about everyone in the household coexisting in neutrality, although sometimes you have to take what you can get.  I’m talking about deep, copacetic harmony among all the creatures. A… Read More »A Culture of Peace

The North Wind

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I used to be a Midwesterner.  Specifically, Minnesotan.  My last many years in that part of the country were very difficult ones and my great ally became the winter. I was in the dying days of my nearly 25-year marriage and far far from home. … Read More »The North Wind

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