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Freedom From The Deep Grooves

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I’m an insomniac.  Just like my Gram.  I’ve been seeing doctors about it since my late twenties.  Turns out there are two types of insomnia:  The type where you can’t fall asleep.  And the type where you can’t stay asleep.  As luck and genetics would… Read More »Freedom From The Deep Grooves

On Drawing Kangaroos

I get an email every day from a place called The Daily Atom.  I don’t remember ever signing up, but I get it and it’s my favorite thing in my inbox every day.  All it is, is a science fact of the day.  Today’s science… Read More »On Drawing Kangaroos

Smiling My Way Back Home

Sometimes I take myself too seriously.  This happens when I’m tired or overwhelmed.  If I’m feeling displaced or disconnected from my home places.  It’s probably a defense mechanism, a self-preservation technique.  It’s like I misplace my sense of humor. Carl When my twins were small,… Read More »Smiling My Way Back Home


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I finally caught the COVIDs.  Somehow, I have been able to dodge the damn thing until now.  Gus caught it in the spring.  When I was giving him the test, he wet-coughed in my face.  I thought I was done for.  Jacob got sick, Greg… Read More »The COVIDs

Dream Work

I put a lot of stock in my dreams.  For the majority of my life, my dreams have been connecting me to my deep self.  Helping me navigate the tricky waters of myself and the world around me. On Being Overly Sensitive Not knowing about… Read More »Dream Work

Why I Write

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Back in my thirties when my anxiety attacks ramped up to what felt like heart attacks, I began to look into self-care.  I don’t think it was even called that back then.  The question I started asking myself was, what do I need to get… Read More »Why I Write

Introducing Taya Gray, Reiki Master at Roots Reiki

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Introducing Taya Gray, Reiki Master at Roots Reiki, Gray’s healing arts practice in a live interview with Jill Nicolini on 5/4/2021. Taya Gray works clients in both in-person and remote sessions.

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