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mindfulness practice

K – John Keats (1795-1821)

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“O for a life of sensations rather than of thoughts!” John Keats was an English Romantic poet whose writing was characterized by vivid imagery, great sensuous appeal and an attempt to express a philosophy through classical legend. His poems had only been in publication for… Read More »K – John Keats (1795-1821)

Light And Quiet

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Good morning from my new vantage point!  Me and Greg and the two doggie girls took a long journey through a magical portal and are now existing in a new universe for the next month.  Things are very different in this world.  For one, the… Read More »Light And Quiet

To Be In It

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Snow I woke up to snow this morning.  Weird.  Before I even got out of bed, I peeked at the weather on my phone and it said nothing about snow.  Just, 32° and cloudy.  When I got up and looked out the windows, it took… Read More »To Be In It

Telling A Story

Most of the time when I sit down to write, I am asking myself, “what does my soul want to say today.”  This can be a really transformational experience for me.  I start typing and the flow of words unfolds its revelations and memories.  By… Read More »Telling A Story

Chill Out Please

I’m sort of new to fun.  Relaxing is a very difficult experience for me.  I can participate in activities that have a very clear purpose.  I can host parties where other people have fun.  But when I find myself in a situation where I am… Read More »Chill Out Please

Good Guys. Bad Guys.

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Greg and I love to watch a good show together in the evenings.  In fact, at any given time, we’ve any number of shows on deck.  We’ve got our 45-60 minute drama-ish show.  We’re watching through Parks and Rec (one of my all-time favs) and… Read More »Good Guys. Bad Guys.

Freedom From The Deep Grooves

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I’m an insomniac.  Just like my Gram.  I’ve been seeing doctors about it since my late twenties.  Turns out there are two types of insomnia:  The type where you can’t fall asleep.  And the type where you can’t stay asleep.  As luck and genetics would… Read More »Freedom From The Deep Grooves

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