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The Crows

We have a little family of crows in our backyard.  I say “our backyard”, but the house was vacant for nearly ten years before we moved in.  So, let’s be honest, it’s us taking up space in the crows’ yard.  We are having a tricky… Read More »The Crows

Chill Out Please

I’m sort of new to fun.  Relaxing is a very difficult experience for me.  I can participate in activities that have a very clear purpose.  I can host parties where other people have fun.  But when I find myself in a situation where I am… Read More »Chill Out Please

Ebb And Flow

Steal The Gold When we were kids, we played a game called, Steal the Gold.  Someone lucky would get picked to guard the gold which was usually a rock or a shoe.  Then the rest of us would line up twenty or thirty feet back… Read More »Ebb And Flow


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I’ve sat down many times today to write.  Each time, the same thing happens.  Quiet.  This is a rare and unexpected situation for me.  Especially on a Monday with the week ahead of me and all sorts of projects and chores to be done. I… Read More »Quiet

A Voice Of Love

Saturday Today is Saturday.  Saturdays are wonderful around here because we get to switch gears from the weekday routines, to rest.  Sometimes our rest looks like being couch potatoes, watching shows.  And other times our rest looks more like being out and about in the… Read More »A Voice Of Love

For Freedom

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I spent the better part of my teenage years and adult life tucked deeply into the Christian Church.  It was a snug and safe place for me for a long time.  I met all 3 of my best friends there.  One of them became my… Read More »For Freedom

A Culture of Peace

I love peace.  Home, for me, must be a place of peace.  And I’m not talking about everyone in the household coexisting in neutrality, although sometimes you have to take what you can get.  I’m talking about deep, copacetic harmony among all the creatures. A… Read More »A Culture of Peace

Learning to Rest

Today is Saturday.  It is November in the Pacific Northwest and though it is chilly out, the sun is shining.  This is some of my most favorite weather.  And it’s Saturday.  This means that the shape of my day gets to change into something fluid… Read More »Learning to Rest

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