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Taya is a highly skilled and gifted Reiki practitioner. Following my sessions with Taya, my spirit and body feel restored and renewed. As she works with you, she is also teaching and sharing insights and truths and brings to light and into focus areas of your past, present and future that need attention and guides you towards cleansing and healing. Her deep compassion, intuitive abilities, and consummate skills allow me to move forward in my journey toward being my best self.

Gail S.

Every time Taya has worked with me and my energies, I leave amazed and astonished. She has an amazing ability to find the deep, hidden places and helps bring them out in a kind & beautiful way. I need action items or ways to help allow the energies to release, and she is great at providing that information in a way that I can understand and continue with forward movement. I recommend Taya to everyone I meet and can never recommend her enough! She is wonderfully gifted at what she does & an asset to the Reiki community.

Lauren E.

Meeting with Taya was my first experience with Reiki. I didn’t know what to expect, but was so happy to experience it alongside and guided by her. My body, my mind, and my energy feel a little lighter and aligned after every session. If you’re curious about Reiki or are looking for a new Reiki Master, I’d HIGHLY recommend Taya as you’ll feel like you’re sitting with a long-time friend. You won’t regret it!

Whitley V.

When I first heard of Reiki, I wondered, “Reiki?  What’s that?  Is it like therapy?  Or meditation?  What if it doesn’t align with my beliefs?  Or it’s weird, or I do it wrong?”  Then I had an opportunity to try a Reiki session with Taya.  I soon learned that I had nothing to worry about.  Unlike meditation, where I find myself all-too-often facing down the worst of myself helplessly, or therapy, which (though very helpful) does sometimes throw me against a growth-point I’m not ready for because the therapist pushes it, Reiki with Taya allows me to face myself, not alone, but with a translator and ally.  The only things I face are what she finds in my existing energy, and whatever my response, I don’t have to flounder through alone.  I haven’t felt this safe to relax in my own mind in – well, maybe ever.  10/10 would recommend. 

Jemimah M.

Roots Reiki feels like a full spiritual massage! Taya is patient, kind & communicative during this beautiful & vulnerable experience. Her sight into my aura & chakras helped me see myself fully for the first time and get in touch with needs that have long been unmet. Having regular sessions with Taya is an essential act of self-care to stay connected with myself, life & presence. Along with her kindness, intellectual insight and compassion, Taya’s talent in reiki and spiritual sight is amazing!

Pepper M.

As a writer, it is important to me that my chakras are clear and energy is flowing. With the help of Taya and her consummate skills as a Reiki practitioner, she has taught me to recognize when I am blocked. During my sessions with Taya I am continually amazed and deeply grateful for her compassion and insights into the past, present and future as she guides me to greater awareness, truths and healing. Since I began working with Taya, my life has significantly changed in amazing, creative, and profound ways. I highly recommend this gifted Reiki practitioner!

Gail N.

Taya Gray of Roots Reiki is a compassionate, gifted, thoughtful, and generous Reiki Master and Teacher. Her remote sessions with me have proven both timely and accurate, as well as comforting, encouraging, healing, insightful, and empowering. Taya is one of the first people I turn to when I am feeling discouraged, confused, overwhelmed, or just plain in need of encouragement and support. 


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