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The Chakra System

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Learning about chakras and their connections to sound and color was one of my favorite subjects during my Reiki training.  I love how the chakra system resonates with the frequencies of both color and sound to integrate our physical bodies and our energetic systems.

An Overview Of Chakras

Over the past 5000 years or so, sages, philosophers, and mystics have described the subtle energies in our bodies in many different ways.  It was generally agreed that wherever dynamic energies met together, they formed spinning, circular patterns, or vortices.  On a small scale, this can be seen in tiny spiral eddies on the surfaces of streams and rivers.  On a larger scale, in the movements of cyclones and hurricanes. 

The seers of ancient India perceived similar patterns within the human body.  Wherever two or more channels of subtle energy meet, there is a vortex.  They named this occurrence a Chakra, which literally means wheel.    Today we know we have seven main chakras along the front of the spinal column, as well as many minor chakras located throughout the body.

Chakras are entirely non-physical structures and are accessed with the mind rather than the sense organs.  This is why, during my Reiki sessions with clients, we sit together in a calm and relaxing space very much like meditation.

Basically speaking, each major chakra oversees certain physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the whole being.  This is true for both humans and animals.  

When I am working within a client’s chakra system, I can distinguish what is needed based on the colors I see there.  A healthy chakra is going to be resonating strongly according to its corresponding color frequency.  As opposed to one in need of attention and healing.  These chakras can be overwhelmed by other varying colors, appear dull or washed out, and even lacking any discernible color frequency at all.

There are many different ways to refer to the 7 major chakras, but for today, I will be using the widely accepted Western descriptors.

First:  Root or Base Chakra

The Root Chakra resonates with the color red and it brings focus to the physicality of life. Located at the base of the spine, Root Chakra is our closest energy center to Earth and links us directly to the planet. This energy center deals with life at the level of practicality. Root Chakra oversees our survival instincts, our groundedness, self-esteem, trust, and boundaries.

When I’m working with clients, I know I’m dealing with a healthy Root Chakra when there is a vibrant, red swirling energy in the area of their tailbone. I will typically see my client’s thoughts and feelings in agreement with their actions and decisions.  The client is generally comfortable in their home and livelihood, and they have good energy levels.

A Root Chakra that needs support can be overwhelmed by other color frequencies, or simply not have a color distinction at all.  The client might be frustrated about things they want to be doing but aren’t. Or they may find themselves busy but not making progress.

Second: Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is located in the area of the belly button and resonates with the color orange. Orange displays the energies of purpose, vitality, and passion. This chakra is the reservoir of our life force energy and directs that energy throughout the rest of our bodies. Some of the physical systems associated with the Sacral Chakra are the reproductive organs, bladder, and intestines.  The Sacral Chakra is the center of our creativity, passion, and vitality. It holds our thoughts and beliefs concerning our desires and needs.

A healthy Sacral Chakra generally looks to me like a vibrant, blooming Oriental Poppy.  The client will have healthy intimate relationships, be flowing creatively, and feel vibrancy in their life. A weak or over-taxed Sacral Chakra can, again, be overwhelmed with other color frequencies or even simply lacking in color.  The client can be struggling with guilt or shame, frustration or resentment.  These types of energies can register as pain or discomfort in the body around the hips.

Third: Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra resonates with the color yellow. Yellow is a high vibrational, organizing color.  It lightens and activates as well as encourages clarity.  However, when there is an excess of yellow energy in my client’s energetic field, that can lead me to suspect that there may be issues of control. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located between the naval and the ribcage: that spot known as the xyphoid process where, if you’ve taken a CPR class, you know you want to avoid when you’re doing chest compressions so you don’t accidentally snap it off in your attempt to save a life.

This energy center is our Organizer.  It receives and categorizes the information we take in from all of our experiences.  It oversees a number of our physical systems including our digestive, immune, and nervous systems. The second chakra is our area of assertiveness and intuition – our gut feelings originate here.  Our sense of right and wrong originates here. Even memories of past abuse can show up here.

When I’m working with a healthy Solar Plexus Chakra, I generally see a consistently swirling, sunny, yellow array of light. Clients with healthy solar plexus chakras are able to advocate for themselves and complete projects.  They have calm bellies, immune systems, and nervous systems.

On the other hand, a Solar Plexus Chakra that needs energy and love can appear disjointed with either hyper or depressed energy. If there are difficult relationship dynamics with mother or father, these can be stored here, as well as anger and powerlessness.  My clients with unhealthy Solar Plexus Chakras can have lots of discomfort in their belly area, issues with overactive or underactive immune systems, as well as anxiety or depression.  Issues with control register here. It is not uncommon for stuck energies to pop up here.  Many of the clients I see need support at their Solar Plexus Chakra.

Fourth: Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra resonates with the color Green. Interestingly enough, the human eye has its greatest sensitivity in the range of frequencies we perceive as green. The qualities of green are balance, expansion, and growth.

Located at the level of our heart, centered on our spine, this is the home of our soul. Our capacity to give and receive love is associated with the Heart Chakra. Being the middle chakra, this energy center helps maintain balance between the lower and upper chakras.  Our spiritual and emotional growth are centered predominantly in this area.  This chakra operates the lungs, heart, and circulatory systems. 

A healthy Heart Chakra is always vibrantly green.  It is a place we can contact within ourselves that is safe, and peaceful, where we can find calm and center ourselves.  Clients with healthy Heart Chakras are able to give and receive love freely and to follow their heart’s desires.

However, when there is stuck, blocked, or stagnated energy at this energy center, it can show up as sadness, grief and loss in the client’s energy field.  Saying yes to things when they want to say no, and emotional caretaking of other people are traits of a stressed Heart Chakra.  This unhealthy energy tends to hang out in our necks and shoulders.  Just about everyone I know has tension here from strain on this chakra. 

Fifth: Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra resonates with the color sky blue which is a frequency that exudes calm, peaceful, and restful energy.  Blue is the color of flow and perspective.

Not surprisingly, Throat Chakra is located at the throat. It is the seat of our personal truth and as such, oversees our communication. This includes speech and expression as well as listening.  It also facilitates flow in our lives which is related to the energies of transformation and change.  From a physical standpoint, the throat chakra includes our throat, neck, ears, mouth, and thyroid gland.

When I see a healthy Throat Chakra it is vibrantly sky blue and I get a sense of flowing water. Clients with healthy Throat Chakras are able to communicate clearly and have the assurance that they are being heard.  They feel confident that they are able to express their personal truths and are satisfied with the overall flow of their lives.

Conversely, a Throat Chakra that needs clearing or support will appear to have different colors interfering with the blue frequency.  There may be a sense of block in the client’s relationships, livelihoods, finances, or life in general.  Clients who are struggling with blocks at this energy center may feel like they aren’t being heard when they speak, or may find it difficult to express themselves. These energies often create tight throats and sore necks. 

Sixth:  Third Eye or Brow Chakra

Indigo and violet are typically the color frequencies that resonate with the Third Eye Chakra. These colors can turn us inward as well as inspire us to be contemplative and meditative.

Located at the center of our forehead just above our brow, the Third Eye Chakra is the center of our understanding. It is associated with sight and seeing, both physically and intuitively.  Our awareness begins here.  Our personalities reside here with our sense of perception.  This is a space where we create order from potential chaos and organization from the random.  Physically speaking, the Third Eye Chakra oversees the eyes and brain, the pituitary and pineal glands.

In terms of resonating color frequencies, the Third Eye Chakra is unique of the seven major chakras. Even though I can perceive a dark blue or purple energy here, what I always see with a healthy Third Eye Chakra is literally, an open eye.  This tells me that the client is engaged and brave enough to be open to the truths that they see.  Healthy energy here is able to focus and to attend to situations and energies that present themselves.

On the other hand, when I am working with an unhealthy or blocked third eye chakra, I will see a closed eye. In this case, there is almost always an inability to be present and mindful in the moment.  Clients that struggle with energy here can tend to be either worrying about the future or obsessing about the past.  They can struggle with plugged up ears, unusual distortions in their eyesight and an inability to stay focused.

Seventh: Crown Chakra

Located at the crown of our head, the Crown Chakra is our highest energy center. Both in terms of physical location and rate of vibration.  It is the center of our spirituality.  This energy center is the main coordinating center of the body as well as the connection point to universal sources of energy. The Crown Chakra is the source of all chakra energies in the same way that white light is the source of the rainbow spectrum.  It is not surprising, then, that the resonating frequency here is white. White contains the energies of clarity, purity, and new beginnings.  The other resonating color here is violet. Violet holding energy which can combine and balance the practical with the ideal, dreams with reality. 

When I begin a session with a client, I usually begin the energy work at their Crown Chakra.  The quality of light and energy present here speak to me of the overall health of the client. If the color and frequency here are either violet or white, I know the Crown Chakra is in good shape and will support the work we do in the session.  A client with a healthy Crown Chakra will be in right relationship with time, able to focus, and generally connected to their higher self or spirituality.  A great way to support the Crown Chakra is by spending plenty of time outdoors.

However, if there is resistance or the quality of energy isn’t light or flowing, that alerts me that we need to do some work here before we move any further into the session.  During one session I did, the quality of the energy moving into the crown was very granular, like that of sand.  There was a sense of dis-ease and general discomfort present that we needed to sooth and gentle before we could move on. People with difficulties at their Crown Chakra can feel very disconnected or that they never have enough time.  

Chakras in summary

Our chakra system is a very vital part of our bodies and energetic systems.  It is a great place to start energy work and often times leads to a clear path to holistic well-being with my clients. Though the chakra system is very complicated, even a basic understanding can help people to be more in tune and connected with themselves.

Please enjoy my podcast where I talk about the chakra system:

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