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The Scenery Of My Life

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This is a space I love.  My best work happens here.  I meditate and do yoga in this space.  I see clients here.  It is a place of love and light and infinite potential.

What you don’t see in this picture is shelves filled with some of my most favorite books.  Each of them a friend that I’ve made on my journey.  I like to keep them close for the wisdom they have for me.  The memories of adventures and quests.  Loves won and lost.  Lives lived with great meaning and beauty.  Oh, the beauty cradled in the pages on those shelves!

Also, the photo doesn’t show you the pictures of my children.  Me with my sisters, my sweet husband.  You can’t see my textbooks and reference manuals.  My violin.  My sheet music.  All of these things work together to inspire and comfort me.  To teach me.

And then there is the window at my desk.  From this vantage point I see the clouds come and go.  The wind, the sunsets.  Breathtaking beauty that calls me to distraction and then inspires me to shine, and write, and heal.

This is the scenery of my life.  This and barking, barfing animals.  Bills and dirty dishes that require attention.  Mountains of laundry.  Also, relationships to be communed in.  Gentleness to be given and received.  Laughter to be bathed in.

Today Is A Day Of Gratitude

Today is a day of gratitude for me.  With time running out on the current year, and the new one rounding the corner, I can’t help but look back over the old, and forward into the new.  So much has happened, who knows what’s coming? Gratitude brings me into the now, though.  It is a paused moment, when I am present to all that is, and feeling very glad about it.  And grateful.

If you need a sacred space, or you’re looking forward or backward, or if you are resting in this moment, right now, let’s be friends~

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