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Welcome to Roots Reiki

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Thank you for visiting Roots Reiki

I invite you to interact, ask questions, or request an introductory session to see how Roots Reiki can benefit you. Roots Reiki is my healing practice where I work within the modality of Reiki, a Japanese healing technique that uses Life Force Energy to restore healing, balance, and wellness in the body and energy field. For an introductory session, scheduling, or comments contact me here.

This blog will feature updates to my practice as well as monthly articles sharing my energetic healing journey through the world with you. I find the best way for me to connect with people is ultimately, to be honest.  So, in the spirit of honesty, what you will find in this space is generally what I am learning on my own spiritual journey.  I look forward to sharing with you in a way that encourages you on your own path. It is also my hope to inspire courage in you as discover that you are not alone and that you are held in a great space of love.

Roots Reiki is my healing and wellness practice. I see both human and animal clients with the intention of connecting them to their highest potential. It is my great joy to share healing energy that reconnects people to their truest selves and their highest hopes. I am a registered reiki professional and a member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners. I am also a certified Animal Reiki practitioner with the Let Animals Lead method. (Learn more about IARP here.) You can get to know me better by visiting my about me section.

Thank you for coming, I’m excited to have you here! I look forward to connecting with you more as this journey unfolds before us.


Taya Gray
Reiki Master & Teacher


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