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Progress Report

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Today is December 1st!  First of all, I’m going to join the ranks of my elders and say, where did this year go?!  I was literally just getting married.  In March.  Just yesterday, Gus graduated.  In June. I can barely remember the fall for the blur of it all, but something about Greg and I taking the dogs down to the Desert for a couple weeks.  Whew!

Writing Everyday

And through most of that time I was feeling frustrated and adrift.  I was feeling irrelevant and paralyzed.  I wasn’t sure how I fit in the world anymore.  The familiar tendrils of depression were creeping up around me like ivy in a growth spurt. 

In a desperate attempt to shake myself loose and hopefully provoke some change or flow or anything of that sort, I decided, on a whim, to challenge myself to write every day.  And to be really brave, and post what I had written.  Every day.

This was a big deal for me for a number of reasons.  Chiefly, I have a weekly routine and a weekend routine, and they are very different.  On weekends, I try to step completely away from my weekday work so that I can get a hard reset.  Many years of touring on the road, working seven days a week nearly round the clock have made that a necessity for me.  So, when I originally said I was going to be writing every day, I meant Monday through Friday.

And then that first Saturday rolled around and I realized that every day means every day.   I needed to discover a way of writing on the weekends while still resting and resetting on the weekends.  And I did it.  It was good.  It felt creative and fluid and I liked it.  A lot.

But back to literally writing.  Every.  Day.  To go from a place of no flow, no voice, writer’s block.  To a place of writing publicly every day could have either been a disaster, or utterly inspired.  Turns out, it was inspired, and the last 25 days have been transformational for me.

In my frustration and desperation, I found a door in my deep self, threw it wide open, and am finding myself aligned and connected in all the ways I had hoped for in this life.

Sacred Geometry

Bear with me while I get a little woo woo-ey geometrical:  In my fluid, flowy, energy-healer mind, I have set a sacred geometry for myself.  This is a shape of my choosing, where each point represents an aspect of my whole.  Who I am and what I need to be fulfilled.  My shape is a six-pointed star – two triangles set on top of one another.  One with the point up, the other point down.  Each different point is as follows:  Fairly Effortless. Joy. Authenticity. Curiosity/Discovery.  Connection. Freedom.

Writing everyday has put me in the center of my sacred geometry.  This is an alignment I have been waiting for, well, my entire seeking life.

Thank You

So, thank you for reading along.  Your kindnesses and honesty and connections have helped to turn this little adventure into a bigger one.  I will absolutely continue on my writing everyday adventure, but I’m also going to be branching out a bit as well.  At this point, the majority of content I’ll be posting in other spaces will be mostly the same as this one, but eventually it will evolve. 

Baby Steps To A Bigger Adventure

Today I am releasing my first monthly newsletter so if you haven’t already, please sign up here.  You’ll only hear from me once a month.  Otherwise, if you’d like to get in on the ground floor of a budding writer, I’m also posting at   And don’t forget my Instagram as well as my facebook page.  The more followers and likes I get in those places, the greater likelihood that there will be an opportunity for me to do something grand, like maybe even write a book.  (Eeeeps!  Did I just say that?!)

Thank you for your support!  I’m excited to continue our adventures in storytelling together!

If you’ve felt frustrated and adrift, or know anxiety and depression, or you need to find a doorway in your deep self that connects you to all you hope to be in this life, let’s be friends~

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